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A Message from Chef Cozart 
After working several years in the restaurant industry as an executive chef and general manager, I grew weary of the 90 hour work weeks. Therefore, I decided to open and operate a full service personal chef service that would include providing gourmet delights for busy professionals, parents, health conscience families, and individuals without the extreme prices.  Having developed a deep understanding of traditional world cuisine and merging it with today’s health consciousness, I created my own unique style that has triggered a rave response from my clients while maintaining great taste and elegance. 

Today, Earth, Sage, and Fire has established a niche as a foremost personal chef, training, private catering, and event service throughout the Triangle Area.  Why is this so?  Three reasons: The cuisine, service, and elegance speak for themselves. 

For my clients, service is everything.
I have always focused on pricing my services within the industry norm, and often well below my competitors.
I have two mottos; the first is “Make It Happen.” Whether it is meeting your tastes, budget, dietary restrictions, coordinating your event or anything else, my staff and I will make it happen!  The other is “Why Eat…When You Can Dine?”  One eats for mere nourishment, but one dines for an experience!

I am not in the business of mass-producing mediocre food or providing standard services that go unnoticed. I will rarely provide services to more than one or two families per day because during your personal chef service or at your special event, where nothing less than great food and service is expected, I want to be there; and with the assistance of my talented and gifted team, we will make it happen from start to finish.

Bon Appetit!
Chef Timothy R. Cozart